Arts & Crafts 

eCommerce Websites

Arts and crafts have been around since before the beginning of recorded history. Today, they're a perfect fit for eCommerce, with millions of customers in search of the perfect source for the materials they need. Whether you want to create a general art supply store or build a business around a very small niche of craft supplies, your audience is out there.

Arts and crafts are great examples of industries that have a wide-ranging appeal and will never go away. Millions of people love to express themselves through arts and crafts, either professionally or as a hobby, whether they're creating something with a practical function or for pure aesthetic value. Artists and crafters are always looking for reliable, convenient sources of the supplies they need to engage in their passions, with many preferring to shop online due to the huge variety of products they may need, some of which can be hard to find in local retail stores. 


Arts and crafts website mock screen

Do you dream of opening your own arts and craft supplies eCommerce website? our services provide everything you need to build an online store supporting any number of products, whether you want to focus on a specific niche craft, or carry more broadly-used art supplies. Build full-featured product pages with plenty of room for important details — quality matters, so tell your customers about the materials and source you use for your supplies. Product Q & A sections and Reviews also help customers find exactly what they need for their project. And for busy creators with lots of orders of their own to fill, offer wholesale pricing based on quantity.

Cat/Auto Parts Websites

Auto Parts 

eCommerce Websites

Online automotive stores do brisk business online, as customers appreciate the ability to get the auto parts they need without having to search them out locally. From modern vehicles to classic collectible cars; from huge inventories of parts to single hard-to-find components, many successful online auto parts stores are reaping the rewards of their transition into eCommerce. 

The automotive industry has a lot of eCommerce potential. If you've ever needed to hunt down an elusive or discontinued part for a car, you can understand the appeal of shopping online instead of visiting a dozen local stores and junkyards! That's why eCommerce websites for auto parts can do such steady business.


Auto parts online website

Interested in opening your own auto parts eCommerce website? Whether selling old parts for collectible cars in small quantities, or supplying current parts to automotive businesses, our platform has all the tools you need. Create informative product pages with plenty of space for all the details, and organize them with unlimited categories and subcategories to make it easy for your customers to find the parts they're looking for. Include as many product variants as needed so shoppers have all the options at their fingertips. Add part numbers to your product descriptions so customers can search by number as well as browse. Our platform also integrates with fitment data tools such as eBay Motors, ensuring accurate product data for every item.

B2B SalesB2B Websites

B2B eCommerce Websites

B2B (Business to Business) eCommerce spans a wide range of industries and sales volume, with their main quality in common being their business model. B2B sellers supply other businesses at various points on the supply chain and in several ways. Some distribute products to retailers, others provide branded products such as franchise supplies and uniforms, some provide wholesale items as corporate gifts, and more.

B2B customers have specific requirements: they want a B2C-like experience, but with all the features a business needs to simplify the ordering process. Successful B2B eCommerce websites strike a good balance between the B2C shopping experience and B2B-specific functionality in order to best serve their clients. B2B eCommerce has grown significantly since buyers and sellers alike have discovered the value of informative, easy-to-use B2B online stores that make it easy to do business together. Our cutting-edge B2B infrastructure serves numerous online B2B sellers with all the tools and features they need to build long-term relationships and grow their customer base. 


Commercial Appliances online

Our platform is the best eCommerce solution for all businesses who sell online, and provides everything a business needs to build a successful B2B sales website. Our software's scalable hosting is great for businesses of all sizes, and tons of B2B features come together to make our tools an ideal solution. Customer Groups allow you to fully segment your customer base to provide a personalized experience to different buyers. Set up client-specific pricing, and even hide pricing altogether from customers who aren't logged in — or simply hide any part of your website from unregistered users as you see fit. Set up multiple tiers of wholesale pricing with minimum and maximum order quantities per price tier. Offer lightning-fast ordering options like the Quick Order Pad and one-click reordering. Assign sales reps in your websites' dashboard to focus on certain clients, and distribute commissions as needed. NXB Solutions has everything a B2B eCommerce website needs to provide an ideal customer experience and reach success.

Kids and Baby

Baby & Kids eCommerce Website

Parents are always busy, so they've come to rely on shopping online for its convenience and variety of products available. Kids of all ages need tons of products, school supplies, toys, and lots of apparel since they grow quickly! Parents will go out of their way to search for the best products, another reason eCommerce is perfect for baby and kids' supply stores.

Parents are always in a hurry, and shopping online is the type of timesaver they rely on. That's why baby supplies and kids' products of all types are great for eCommerce stores. Moms and dads love to search out the best possible items for their precious young ones (of all ages) without needing to plan a shopping trip, so eCommerce is a natural fit!


Giggles website for kids and babies

Baby supplies and kids' products cover a vast array of eCommerce niches, all of which have potential for success. Whether you want to sell strollers, diapers, toys, blankets, car seats, school supplies, kids' apparel, or all of these, NXB Solutions makes it easy to build an online store parents will love. Our online store setup is built for customization so you can sell unlimited products and organize them with as many categories as you need to ensure parents can find what they're looking for. Even better, you can cross-categorize for the child's age group as well as product type. Built-in Wish List and in-store Gift Registry features are a must when planning a baby shower or child's birthday party. Set up a Reward Points Loyalty Program to attract repeat customers and boost your sales.


CBD & Vape eCommerce Websites.

The CBD and vape industries have both grown exponentially in recent years, and with innovations like online age verification for purchases, it's become much easier for shoppers to buy their favorite e-liquid and other vaping supplies online. Of course, CBD has numerous delivery methods and isn't always vaped, but there's enough of a relationship between the two industries that they often go hand in hand.

The CBD industry has seen great expansion as the product has become more accepted throughout the world. Vaping, whether with CBD, nicotine, or flavor alone, is also massively popular. Since both of these industries are relatively new, they're a perfect fit for eCommerce — especially since a huge array of products are available to meet varied customer preferences.


cbd website online

Both CBD and vaping have endless potential for online sales, and our hosting platform is packed with the features you need to build the perfect online CBD and/or vape store. Most importantly, NXB Solutions makes it easy to follow the law with age verification, and to accept payment via the required high-risk payment processors. Rich categorization ensures your customers can easily navigate through a whole sea of flavors, and Product Bundles make it easy to offer starter kits and variety packs. Most vape and CBD products need to be resupplied on a regular basis, so you can set up a subscription option for your customers. And since these are restricted industries and direct advertising isn't allowed on some of the usual channels, you'll benefit from our powerful SEO tools to help customers find you. These features (and more) make Shift4Shop the ideal platform for vape and CBD online sales.

Clothing, Apparel & Boutiques

Clothing & Apparel eCommerce Websites.

Whether creating a distinctive personal style or simply looking for practical work clothes, customers are well aware that the internet offers a vast selection of clothing and other apparel and accessories like hats, pajamas, exercise outfits, and much more. Detailed sizing charts help overcome the inability to try things on before purchasing, so customers buy more clothing online than ever, making online clothing and apparel sales a great opportunity online clothing stores and boutiques.

There's no doubt that fashion is a huge part of life. And while racks and dressing rooms are still popular, more customers every year decide to shop online for their next new outfit. Sure, there are a few drawbacks to clothes shopping online — you can't try anything on or feel the material before you buy. However, online apparel retailers offset these difficulties with detailed size charts, full product descriptions, and numerous photos.


Fashion junkee

It’s a dream for many to open their own fashion store or even start a brand of their own. With NXB Solutions, you can create a store that lets you show off your line of apparel and makes it easy for customers to find their look. With unlimited storage space and bandwidth, you can include as many high-quality product photos as you need to show off your selection. Flexible product descriptions allow you to add size charts, care instructions, and more information to help your customers decide. And with unlimited product options and variants, you can sell apparel online in every color and size combination you have, even if you have a shirt that comes in 6 sizes and 30 colors. Want to create your own products? Our software is integrated with print-on-demand dropshipping solutions like Printful.

Collectables/novelties, Fat Batman & Robin

Collectables & Novelties eCommerce Websites

Collectibles and novelties include tons of products that don't easily fit into other categories like toys or electronics. They can be just about anything from high-end display pieces, to drones and hobbyist kits, to humorous office toys. With so much to choose from, it's possible to build a successful online store selling any product.

Collectibles and novelties cover a massive range of products for both hobby and display purposes. Expensive high-end collectibles, simple desk toys to spice up office life, display-only figurines and toys, remote-controlled vehicle kits, and many more types of products all fit within this classification. The industry covers an enormous range of niches, price points, and demographics — which is great news if you want to start an online collectibles and novelties business. Plus, people are quite passionate about their interests, so there's definitely an audience waiting for you no matter what you sell!


Prime Collectables

Have you been thinking of turning your hobby into a business and opening your own collectibles and novelties eCommerce website? NXB Solutions has everything you need to sell any type of product, whether you want to focus solely on one line of collectibles or sell a wider range of novelty items. Build detailed product pages with unlimited space for images and all the information you need to provide. Get customers excited by offering Pre-Orders on upcoming collectibles. Sell rare versions of items (such as figurines with valuable painting variants) alongside the regular ones with Advanced Options, allowing for separate inventory tracking and pricing while still being listed as the same product. With NXB Solutions, the only limit is your imagination!



eCommerce Websites

Electronics are a central part of modern life, and we use everything from smartphones to programmable kitchen appliances to streamline our day-to- day activities. The industry is also a natural fit for eCommerce, since tech-savvy customers are the most likely to prefer shopping online. Whether a store is targeted at enthusiasts or more casual users, online sales are the key.

Electronics are universal in our daily lives, and have led to a deep connection with technology in most of the world. Computers, smartphones, even programmable kitchen appliances and much more have made life easier for billions of people, and play a central role in both work and entertainment. Audio and video equipment are some of the most prominent, as even someone with no interest in other types of technology is likely to enjoy listening to music and watching videos. Of course, there are many who take it a step further and produce audio and video of their own! If you have a love for technology and want to share with the world, selling electronics online could be right for you.


Beat shop website

Electronics can cover an almost endless range of products, so regardless of the niche that most interests you, you're sure to find like-minded customers online. Our website hosting service is fully equipped with all the powerful eCommerce features you'll need to successfully sell electronics online. Provide full specifications and detailed product information with robust product pages and keep it all organized with deep categorization. Upsell accessories and cross-sell related items to help customers get the full experience. Advanced inventory management allows you to sell used or refurbished electronics alongside new products with zero confusion, and you can even accept offers (and negotiate with counteroffers) with our Make-an-Offer feature. Expand your sales to Amazon and eBay while managing orders in a single, central dashboard. Plus, if you want to dropship, our software can integrate with any supplier. There's no better solution for opening an electronics eCommerce website.

Food and Beverage Market/Online store

Food & Beverage eCommerce Website

Food and beverages may not be the first thing you think of when you consider shopping online, but eCommerce is thriving for everything from popcorn to wine! Snacks, ingredients, healthy alternatives to junk food, juicing supplies, and even high-end chocolates, jellies, jams can be bought and sold through websites. If you're getting hungry just by reading this, check them out!

Everyone needs to eat. Most people also enjoy a bit of a "pick-me-up" during the day, which could take the form of coffee or tea, candy, or even a healthy snack. And when it comes to beverages like tea and coffee, many people become brand loyalists and will do their best to stay stocked up on their favorites, which online shopping can make much easier. For others, the real joy involves preparing their own food and beverages — covering everything from home baking and juicing, to building a complete home chef setup, or maybe even going professional and opening a restaurant. It's undeniable: whether you're thinking of food or the means to prepare it, the food and beverage industry is huge!


Best websites for bakers

NXB Solutions provides a versatile online store platform that makes it simple to build a food and beverage eCommerce website, whether you want to focus on the foods and drinks themselves, the supplies to make them, or kitchen equipment for home or professional use. Robust categorization ensures that even the largest inventory can be organized for easy navigation, which can be crucial for kitchen supply stores. For those selling perishables, shipping can be customized as needed to ensure freshness, including limiting delivery to a certain area if necessary. Our versatile Autoship subscription program allows you to offer customers automated, timed delivery of their favorite products, perfect for staying stocked up on coffee and other consumables that need frequent replenishment. Plus, support for age verification and high-risk payment processors make it possible for wineries and breweries to sell online.

Health, Healing, Supplements

Health & Supplements eCommerce Website

Supplements and are very popular for those looking for a better workout, natural remedies, improved sleep, and overall general improvement in their health. eCommerce websites provide supplement stores with a great way of displaying a wide range of products and including all the necessary information to help customers decide what's best for them — including customer reviews where others can share their results.

Everyone wants to be healthier, so it's no surprise that shoppers will search far and wide for the supplements, equipment, and superfoods needed for their diet and workout regimen. Often, that quest brings them to the internet, where they can compare countless products to find what's right for them.


Health products website

Want to open a health and supplements eCommerce website of your own? The software we provide is versatile enough to sell any type of product from treadmills to free weights to perishables, so it’s the perfect shopping cart platform for the health and supplements industry. Make life easier for your customers with specialized product information and keep them informed with the built-in blogging feature — a staple for establishing yourself as an authority and for building the reputation of your products. Answer customer Q&As right on the product page, and invite others to share their results through product reviews. With NXB Solutions, you have all the tools to sell supplements and other health products, and form a customer community around them.

Home & Décor

Home & Décor eCommerce Websites 

It takes a lot to make a house into a home, and customers often turn to the internet to look for furniture and other décor that suits their needs. Whether to make the most of a small space like a college dorm, enhance a dining room with antique furniture, or build a new kitchen from scratch, eCommerce serves all types of home improvement and design.

A house becomes a home when people create a space that reflects their lives. Sometimes, this involves a long-term search for the perfect dining set, recliner, or specialty kitchen supplies. That's why eCommerce is such a great solution for selling home and décor products. Interior decorators, remodelers, homeowners, and more are all very particular about their choices, and some would be lost if they couldn't shop online!


Want to bring your own home improvement and living ideas to eCommerce customers around the world? NXB Solutions' software provides everything you need to sell home and décor supplies of any kind, from hardware to furniture to wall art. Unlimited disk space means you can set up a virtual furniture showroom hassle-free. Sell individual items or offer discounts on whole sets via product bundles. Create kitchen starter kits, complete room sets, and more. Plus, our platform's Houzz integration means you can connect your Houzz account for even more convenience.

Buy/Sell Gold Online

Jewelry eCommerce Websites

Jewelry is a passion for all types of people with every budget, whether they love high-ticket items by famous designers, or handcrafted and unique pieces made by local artists. Many people use jewelry as another way of expressing themselves and love to discover pieces that resonate with them, so searching online for jewelry websites becomes second-nature.

Jewelry is one of the oldest industries in the world, and is loved by people of all ages and from all walks of life. Everyone has a favorite style, and it's common for jewelry shoppers to search online for their next piece. Jewelry eCommerce stores can do great business by meeting the needs of enthusiastic jewelry collectors.



Do you dream of opening your own online jewelry store? Whether you want to sell handmade jewelry or you'd prefer to get your supply from a larger distributor, our NXB Solutions has the best features for building a jewelry eCommerce website. Since eCommerce customers can't inspect products in person, your website needs plenty of large product photos with zoom capability so shoppers can see the finer details. our technology has this feature and more, including unlimited categorization to keep even the biggest online jewelry catalog perfectly organized and easy to navigate. Product pages are designed to have room for all types of information including care and cleaning instructions, if needed, and unlimited product options ensure you can sell all variants of each piece, like multiple ring sizes or different necklace chain lengths.


Pet Supplies eCommerce Websites

Pets have a permanent place in our homes and our hearts, and just like they would for any beloved family member, pet owners will search far and wide for the best products to improve the health, happiness, and quality of life of their animal friends. This makes eCommerce a great fit for pet supply stores, especially with large catalogs.

People love their pets — they may not be human, but they're part of the family. And healthy, happy pets need supplies, ranging from toys, leashes, carriers, and even clothes to health and sanitary products like flea killer, medications, shampoo, and cat litter. Naturally the pet supplies industry is huge, and when you combine that with the convenience of shopping online, pet supply eCommerce websites are a natural fit.


Doggy Websites

Does your love of animals extend to a desire to open your own online pet supply store? With NXB Solutions, you can build the ideal pet supply eCommerce website with all kinds of features your customers will love. Pet parents are highly likely to become repeat customers, so a Loyalty Program with Reward Points will go a long way. Many types of pet supplies need to be purchased on a regular basis, like food and litter, so you can create a subscription service for these items or let customers opt in for "Time to Reorder" reminder emails. Plus, you have unlimited categories to organize your products with, so it's easy to sell tons of different products for any species.

Sporting goods online

Sporting Goods eCommerce Websites

Whether as a hobby or a career, sports can change lives. When it comes to passion for the game, nothing should get in the way — which is why eCommerce is perfect for sporting goods. Shopping online means everyone can enjoy their favorite sports even without any local suppliers. Schools, clubs, and more now turn to eCommerce to bring sports to the neighborhood!

Millions of people live and breathe sports every day, whether out of a love for competition or a desire to spend some time in the great outdoors. Sports equipment and memorabilia cover a massive industry, including everything from workout equipment to practice gear to firearm targets and accessories. The only realistic way to support such a wide range of products and interests is through eCommerce — and the online sports industry is booming.


Training equipment

Do you dream of selling sporting goods or memorabilia on your own online store? No matter what type of sports-related products you sell, NXB Solutions will help you hit your goals with a complete set of eCommerce tools. Sell to individuals or outfit whole gyms with business-to-business eCommerce features. Give a special discount to your local high school. Focus tightly on a single sport, or sell a wide range of equipment for all types of athletes organized along a category structure that's just as complex as you need it to be. Whatever your business model, NXB Solutions has the tools and features you need to make it happen.

Wine Online

Wine & Beer 

eCommerce Websites

Wine has a rich and complex history and is enjoyed by millions, from casual weekend drinkers to dedicated enthusiasts and collectors. Today, eCommerce has made it much easier for wine lovers to connect with wineries throughout the world, and even the most obscure vineyard can get the recognition it deserves.

Millions of people all over the world love to relax with a glass of wine, and enthusiasts are always on the lookout for their next favorite vintage. Local wine stores often don't meet this demand, so wine eCommerce websites have grown in popularity. Customers everywhere love having wine delivered to their doorstep, and Wine of the Month subscriptions are exceptionally popular among the adventurous.


Vineyards theme

Are you a winemaker, or do you just want to share your passion with the world? NXB Solutions has everything you need to sell wine online, including tools to help you meet the legal requirements for online alcohol sales in your area. Restricted shipping ensures customers cannot order if they can't legally receive wine in their location, and age verification keeps shoppers legal. Built-in tax management ensures compliance with varying alcohol sales taxes in different locations. Plus, in addition to a full-featured online store with detailed product pages, our software includes a built-in blog perfect for sharing wine reviews and news that will attract customers. You can even set up your own Wine of the Month subscription box with our Autoship Recurring Orders feature.